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Post play
5star 1 on 1

Evan Pickman

Attacker 5 runs from the top then posts up. Defender X4 comes up from the baseline, meets him at the foul line, defends the post-up by overplaying high side or low side to make passes more difficult, don't let him catch where he wants it.

Here X4 overplays high side, with his right foot in front of 5 and his left foot behind. 5 tries to step over X4's top foot to seal (lunge and seal), and stays low and wide, he does not want to stand up and look for a lob pass when overplayed. On a pass, X4 tries to knock it down or recovers if the pass is made, between 5 and the basket and getting off him. Don't try to steal the ball.

5 has three seconds to catch after posting up, and then one dribble, but can pass back out to 2 and re-post.

Rotate counter-clockwise.

Progression - add another player on the weakside wing (or at the top), 5 can reverse pass and come across to post up.

Variation - cross screen.

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