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Baseball passes

1 makes a baseball pass to 2 and sprints to rebound before the ball hits the floor. The next group goes on the shot.
Option - 1 self rebounds, 2 starts at the outlet spot.
Fabian McKenzie - Long-pass drill - 2 starts on the sideline at halfcourt, 1 self rebounds, baseball passes to 2 for a layup, loops around the jump circle at halfcourt, 2 takes the ball out of bounds, baseball passes to 1 and sprints to rebound.

Repeat coming back, switch lines.
Option - take the ball out of bounds on a made basket.

Bill Pangos - Continuous baseball pass - have lines at both ends, go one way (not up and back), the passer must rebound before the ball hits the floor, change positions at the other end.
See Fast break - Air it out, Layups - Celtic.

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