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Double exit

See Quick hitters - Celtics single-double, Chiesa single-double.

1) FIBA Assist 41 (see Offence - European)
Double exit is a frequent play, with screens for a shooter. 3 on the foul line goes opposite a pass to 2.

The main options are

a) a pick and roll by the ballside low post, or

b) a pick and roll by the weakside post, 4 clears out.

2) CSKA Moscow, FIBA Assist 40

This is an entry to double exit, which has become one of their most effective sets.

If X2 defends on top of 2, then 4 will screen in to help a low cut by 2 (shown); alternatively 4 screens toward the baseline to help a high cut by 2.

Always read the defence, the play itself is not the important thing, it's how players react to the defence and make use of fundamentals. The strength of their offence depends on the options that the players have after reading and attacking the defence. The coaching staff spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to utilize the best characteristics of their players on offence. 4 must have a great knowledge of the game, and he helps the point guard in deciding on the offensive game.


If 2 comes out to the left wing and gets a pass, 4 makes a flash cut to the high post, 1 clears to the weakside corner, 3 also clears out, allowing 4 to come to the high post. This is important in providing the most scoring options but also causes the defence to become unbalanced on quick ball reversal.

2 will try to shoot or play with 5.

If 5 is strongly guarded, the first thing they can do is an aggressive baseline drive. 5 seals his defender with a "self screen", a shooter goes to the weakside corner, the player at the top of the key "shadows" by going behind the ballhandler, and the other player on the weakside opens up a passing lane.

If X5 is playing behind 5, use the offensive triangle 2-4-5 to get the ball to the low post.

They aim to have at least 20 shots come from low-post situations. In the initial phases of a game when referees are very demanding, the powerful inside game causes many opposing bigs to get into early foul trouble. Another goal of their offence is to attack the other team's best scorers, making them work hard on defence and possibly get in foul trouble.

See Offence - High-low, and Fast breaks - Unicaja junior.

On a pass into the low post, 2 fakes middle and cuts hard to the corner, 3 cuts deep from the weakside, 4 screens for 1, if there's no pass (after one second) then 5 attacks, putting the ball on the floor.

If the defence double-teams 5 with X4, 4 will cut hard to the basket.


If 2 curls the screen and gets a pass at the elbow, 4 and 1 clear weakside and 5 will go the mid-post position.


Here 2 comes back out the same side, 1 and 3 clear weakside and 5 comes high.

If 2 passes into 4, 5 stays at the top of the key (he always goes there with the ball in the low post). If 4 passes to 5, he may not be a shooter but can punish the defence with a dribble hand-off to 3, or 3 backcuts if guarded aggressively, is replaced by 1, 5 passes to 1 and follows his pass to pick and roll.

See Offences - Kowalczyk ballscreen, 1-4 Dive series.

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