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Two teams, one on each baseline (play cross-court in both halves with more players). Players on each team are numbered 1 to 5, and there are two balls at centre court. When coach calls a number, those two players race to get a ball and dribble to be the first to score (at the basket where their team is), getting a point. First team to X points wins.

Option - one shot only, the first player to score gets 2 points, the second player to score gets 1 point, no points for a miss.


- coach throws two balls out on the floor and calls a number
- coach can call two numbers, those two players on each team must pass the ball to score first, no dribbling.

Variation - all players have a ball, and are back-to-back at midcourt. When coach calls a number, those two players dribble to score first for their team.

Option - coach calls two or more numbers, those players all go at the same time, the first team to have all its players back at midcourt after scoring gets a point.
See 1 on 1 - Controlled.

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