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Sideline Regular

2 cuts off 5 to the ballside corner as the referee hands 3 the ball, 4 screens for 1 to get open.

Look to get the ball into the post from 3 or 2, use a lob pass if 5 is fronted.

See sideline Western, Duke series (regular 4).
Option - 5 screens away for 2, or pin screens against zone, see 43, Wing quick.
Special - 1 backscreens for 4, look for a lob pass or a pass to 1 if X1 helps on 4, see 43, Bill Self, also CSKA under 2.

On an inbounds to pass to 1, 3 clears to the other side for floor balance, into offence.

Option - 5 backscreens for 3, see sideline

Fist - 4 comes out to ballscreen on the inbounds pass to 1, see sideline Cuba 1, Duke series (regular 1).
Variation - 3 steps inbounds and 4 stays at the pinch post, into the triangle offence.
See Offence - Triangle basics.

If there is no inbounds pass, 4 breaks to the ball, 1 cuts backdoor on the inbounds pass, look for a high-low, 3 follows for a handback (or fake handback).

Jay Wright

- if 1 is denied, he can backcut for a handoff on an inbounds pass to 4
- if 3 is not guarded, he puts his fist up, inbounds to 4, steps in for a return pass and three-point shot.

See sideline Villanova, Hurley, Duke series (regular 5), Offence - Triangle basics (with more options, e.g. a 4-2 dribble hand-off).

Give and go - a call, 5 screens away for 2 and stays weakside, 3 inbounds then cuts hard to the basket for a return pass (and can screen for 5 if there is no return pass).up

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