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Sideline Villanova

Jay Wright

They line up the same way every time in the frontcourt, in front of the ball. 3 is in the slot, 5 on the rim line, 4 in the other slot, and 1 behind him.

1) No call

If they don't call anything they just want to get the ball inbounds, it could be anytime in a game.

Often 1 is not strong, so they want to open up the floor and give him space to get open, rather than use screens.

3 initiates, cutting to the backcourt when the ref hands the ball to 2, 5 goes right to the rim and is the first look. If 4 can screen for 1 he does (here he can't, X1 is in a help position), 1 comes hard to the ball high or low, 4 comes opposite, no further than the slot.

If 1 is face-guarded he comes all the way to the sideline, if he comes high, inbounds to 4 and 1 comes off for a handoff.

If defenders switch, 1 should be able to get open against X4 somewhere in the area.

If 1 comes low. 2 looks for a pass on the baseline side. 4 is the last option, put it up in the air for him.

2) A call

From the same alignment they can get into their 4-out 1-in set and run a play.

5 goes to the rim, 4 flarescreens for 3, who turns and cuts to the weakside wing.

4 screens for 1, 2 inbounds and comes on the court into the motion set.

Anytime the inbounder is not guarded (e.g., 1 is face-guarded by X2), he puts his fist up, they want to get it right back to him, probably from 4.

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