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Sideline Diagonal up


Using the same actions in set plays and out-of-bounds plays allows players to become more familiar with the actions and the reads (see Inbounds - Sideline Zipper). One common play is a little-big diagonal upscreen when the ball is on the wing, usually followed by big-little downscreen.

5 downscreens for 1 who breaks very high for the inbounds pass in the middle of the floor. 5 comes back up high, at the same time 4 flarescreens for 2.

1 passes to 5 in the high post (note the 1-4 high set), 2 cuts towards the block, 1 comes off a flarescreen from 4, who then steps out high and maintains spacing.

As the pass from 5 to 1 is in the air, 2 diagonal upscreens for 5, then 4 downscreens for 2.

5 reads his defender and goes opposite, if X5 goes ballside of the screen then 5 cuts below the screen to the backside of the rim looking for a pass over the top, if X5 goes below the screen then 5 cuts over the screen to the ballside.

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