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Baseline Tennessee


Three University of Tennessee quick-hit end-outs using the same 1-4 alignment, with the best shooter in the weakside corner. To make scouting even more difficult, which play is called can be determined by whether 3 (at the ballside post) is in the lane, on the lane line, or outside the lane line.


3 and 5 start up their lane lines, when 3 gets halfway he cuts to the weakside of the rim, 5 curls right behind 3 to the ballside looking for a quick inbounds pass over the top.

If neither 5 or 3 is open, 1 breaks out high for a release pass (shown).

See Inbounds - Baseline Trojans, and Lob to 5.

(Note that 1 and 2 could break to the corners from a box set)


3 cross-screens for 5, who cuts looking to jump quickly for a pass over the top, 3 tries to step through looking for a bounce pass from 4. If neither pass is open, 1 moves up the sideline as a release.
Hoop Tactics - screen and roll - 4 looks for 1 and 2 in the corners, 5 goes over the cross-screen looking for a high lob, 4 looks for 3 if defenders switch. On an inbounds pass to 1 lifting as safety, 4 comes in ballside using a screen from 5.


3 is a good perimeter shooter. 2 breaks high ballside when the ball is handed to 4, 3 breaks up the lane, then cuts weakside using a screen from 5 at the bottom of the circle. 3 will curl the screen if his defender trails (goes over the screen), or can cut to the corner if his defender goes under (shown).

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