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Baseline Izzo chips

Tom Izzo

They have 4-5 baseline inbound plays and run only about 3, run them right (Vince Lombardi), the other team should have trouble stopping it if there are options inside and out.

Chips can be used against man or zone defence (they zone against teams that have a lot of inbound plays).

4 is the best inside player, 3 is the worst player, 2 is the best shooter.

5 pops out for a pass, 1 pops back, 3 flashes weakside, 4 steps on the court.

3 pops to the wing or corner, 5 passes to 1, 2 screens down for 4, 5 screens for 2.

Against a 2-3 zone, 2 screens the middle defender, 5 screens the bottom defender, if he fights over, 5 steps right into the middle guy.

Chips down lob - 2 screens the backline of the zone (or X5), 5 goes for a lob pass (3 flashes middle from weakside to occupy the defence).

See Inbounds - Baseline Line (basically the same play), Pin-screen.

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