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1 on 1 pivot


That's a Foul, Oct. 2002

Players work in pairs. The defender is trying to steal the ball without fouling, the attacker can only pivot, no dribbling.


- allow fouling (end of game situation), but by reaching in and making a play on the ball (teach how to foul)
- time limit.
Dave Malowski
a) two players hold a ball between them with both hands, try to push each other off balance left or right, progression each player uses only their right hand on the ball, then left hand,
b) one player in grizzly-bear stance (knees over toes, shoulder over knees, hand out front), partner pushes him from all sides, progressions
- eyes closed
- in triple threat with a ball
- partner pushes the ball or tries to knock it out of his hands.
See Footwork - Ball tough.

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