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Tennis ball chase


Each player dribbles a basketball. Coach has 6-12 tennis balls in an open-top container and moves around the court tossing them out. Players try to grab a tennis ball, then dribble to put it back in the container and continue. Play 1-2 minutes, the winner recovers the most tennis balls.

Option - weak-hand dribbling only.

Ganon Baker feed the chickens
(Mike MacKay, guelphbasketball.com)

Coach randomly bounces a tennis ball in the direction of a player, who must catch and return it while dribbling. Options
- use different hands
- stationary dribble after catching a tennis ball, toss and catch it 5 times, then return it
- toss and catch the tennis ball while dribbling to return it.

See Ganon Baker Tennis ball toss.

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