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Nash circle moves

Steve Nash
Start on one side of a foul or centre circle, bust to the other side, make one of your moves, e.g., crossover, spin, go back and forth. This works on endurance, quickness, ability to change direction and pace. Some people can go 10 seconds or 30 seconds or all day.
Option - use a grid on the floor.
Don Kelbick - circle dribbling - set up cones in a circle about 12 feet across with another cone in the middle, start in the middle, dribble to an outside cone, back to the middle, out to the next cone, continue around the circle, making a change-of-direction dribble at each cone, e.g. through the legs, behind the back. You can alter the dribbles and the pattern.
TJ Jones - Box challenge - set up 4 cones in a box (e.g. blocks and elbows), dribble from cone to cone in a random pattern, make any move, go for 30 seconds.

See Dribbling - Coach Rock cones (Diamond series), Halfcourt moves (4-corner).

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