Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


Bob Bigelow

a) Kneeling - kneeling on one knee or both knees, dribble with your right hand, then left hand, then crossover back and forth.

Progression - call out the number of fingers held up by coach (the biggest flaws in dribbling are too much upper arm movement, and not looking at your teammates).

b) Walking - walking forward, dribble with one hand as low as you can, turn around, come back with the other hand.

- coach walks backwards showing fingers
- low crossover dribble.

c) Walking backwards - dribble low with one hand while walking backwards, looking over your shoulder, turn and come back with the other hand.

Progression - low crossover.

d) Dribble and jump stop - start on a whistle, dribble upcourt with the right hand, jump stop on the next whistle (dominant foot forward) into an offensive stance (you could shoot or pass), continue on the next whistle. Come back with the left hand.
See Dribbling - Stops and pivots (jump stop and dribble on the spot).

e) Dribble turn - dribble counter-clockwise along the sideline with the right hand, on a whistle, jump and pivot (90 degrees) to jump stop facing the court in an offensive stance, then do the same thing dribbling clockwise with the left hand, repeat. Move about 1/3 speed.

See Shooting - 5star shadow (without a ball)
Harbir Bains - warm-up - players dribble counter-clockwise around the perimeter with their right hand, on a whistle or coach's signal they pick up the ball, jump stop, pivot 180 degrees, and start dribbling clockwise with their left hand, repeat.
See Dribbling - Figure 8.

f) Control dribble - with a partner on defence, look upcourt, dribble with the right hand off the back (right) foot, slide forward, protect the ball. Give the ball to partner at halfcourt, it's the same for him going back to the baseline, then repeat with the other hand.

Progression - ratchet up the pressure, dribble 45 degrees right, crossover, dribble 45 degrees left.

For this drill you can divide the court vertically into thirds.

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