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4 on 1 shell

4-on-1 shell, defender X1 is guarding 1, who has the ball (start with on-ball defence),
- 1 passes to 2, X1 jumps to the ball into a deny or gap position
- 2 passes to 3, X1 jumps to a help position
- 3 passes to 4, X1 sinks in the lane to maintain a help position.

- to start, X1 passes to 1 from in the paint and closes out
- 1 face cuts or backcuts on the pass to 2 then comes back out to the wing.

See Defending - Pasquali denial (Backcut).

Variations - 2 starts with the ball,
- X1 denies a wing-entry pass
- 2 dribble penetrates, X1 helps (or stunts) and recovers on a pass to 1
- X1 has one foot in the lane, closes out on a pass to 1
- replace 2 with a coach.

Lloyd Mitchell (Greenvale) - 4-on-1 shell - 2 has the ball to start, X1 denies a lead to the wing three times, then allows the pass, 1 drives baseline, X1 takes two or three slides, 1 stops in the lane and passes back to 2.

See Defending - Duke 6-point contesting, Pasquali closeouts (Stunt and recover).

X1 denies a flash cut and post up.

Option - live on a pass to 1.

- 4 drives, X1 helps (takes a charge)
- 4 skip passes to 1, X1 closes out
- 4 shoots, X1 boxes out and rebounds.

Aaron Johnston - Gopher box-out - 4 shoots and X1 blocks out 1, or 1-on-1 off a skip pass, drive and kick (X1 helps and recovers), or weakside flash.

See Defending - Villanova jump to the ball, Tar Heels vision, Pitt close-out 1 on 1, 7-point defending.

Winning Hoops - X1 tries to stop a drive by 4 (who can shoot), then recovers to contest a shot and block out when 2 picks up another ball and passes to 1. Don't go for a shot fake.

2007 Tasman Coaches Clinic - Bull in the ring - deny a wing lead, reverse the ball, defend a flash cut, then a post cut from weakside, play 1 on 1 on a catch.

Mitchell - when the ball is reversed to 4, 1 cuts into the lane, X1 denies with a strong arm-bar, forces the cutter low, snaps his head, and denies a post-up from the top side, now it's one-on-one, if X1 overplays, the ball can be swung back to 3 and 1 seal out X1 for a pass.

Al Tuchscherer (coachesclipboard.ca) - 3 on 1 shell, with attackers on each wing (one guarded) and one at the low post, help others and guard yours (arrive on the catch).

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