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Calipari shuffles and hops

John Calipari

On-court conditioning moving up lane lines from the baseline. It's not how fast you can move forward, but how many reps you can get, burning legs is "sweet pain".

Facing up the line,

- Ickey shuffle forwards, and backwards facing the baseline (with an agility ladder, the footwork is in-in-out)
- Ickey shuffle wide, cover ground
- Ickey shuffle with lunge, push to cover ground
- buzz both feet and hands straight up the line (fast feet or foot fire)
- one-foot buzz, right foot then left
- skier - two-foot side to side jumping, a) quick, b) low and wide
- one-foot skier, right foot then left
- skier hop - two-foot 90-degree pivot left then back to face forward.
- jump in on the outside foot, out with both feet.

Facing in,

- buzz both feet and hands laterally up the line
- scissors - jump to alternate the forward foot and back foot
- front and back tap - one foot in then the other, first foot back out then the other.
See Defending - 5star agility.

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