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Basketball PEI Coaching Notes

Dave Smart warm-up drill. Attacker 1 starts from the baseline and gets a point if he can dribble to the foul line against defender X1 without stepping outside the lane, turning the ball over or picking it up. No defensive fouls are called. Make-it take-it, check the ball, optionally go back foul line to baseline. Who can score the most points in 2 minutes?
goxavier.com - Guard cage - 1 must stay within the elbows while trying to get past X1 to halfcourt, he can go between his legs, crossover or hop back to create room, but can't turn his back or spin dribble. X1 can't foul.
1-on-1 earn your dribbles - 1 can't dribble outside the lane lines or make a spin move, X1 tries to turn him as many times as possible until the foul line, that's how many dribbles X1 gets, 1 gives X1 the ball at the top of the key and they play 1-on-1 back to the basket.
Kansas Women - lane containment - 1 starts with the ball above the foul line, X1 is arm's length away, 1 has 6 seconds to beat X1 to the baseline without going outside the lane lines or turning her back on the defender. Progression - finish with a layup off one foot.

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