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Zone set plays
X-gap entry vs 1-3-1

See Zone offence - X-gap vs 1-3-1.

An entry set against a 1-3-1 zone. 3 is a shooter.

Soft spots of a 1-3-1 zone are the opposite post and opposite corner (Kermit Davis).

On a 1-2 reversal pass, 4 dives from the high post to the low post, opening up a pass to 5 inside or a skip pass to 3.

2 can pump fake toward 4 then make a diagonal skip to 3. The only defender that can get to the corner is weakside X3. If X3 chases too early, 5 is open under the basket.

5 looks to seal out X3 for a pass inside, or seal in (pin screen) for a skip pass to 3.

If top man X2 chases, 2 can pass to 1.

Kermit Davis - 5 tries to block in the weakside wing.

See Zone offence - Kermit Davis vs 1-3-1.

If there is no pass to 4-5-3, get into a zone offence, e.g. a 2-3 set, Two-guard runner, X-gap vs 1-3-1, Atkins Oregon.

See Zone offence - Principles, sets and options.

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