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Noah Kirkwood

5-spot around-the-world shooting for 24 seconds, the shooter moves after each shot. Start with mid-range shots, progress to 3s.

Three players with two balls at each basket (use all the side baskets with 12 players).

Shooter 1 starts in the corner with a shot, moves out to the wing for another shot, repeats at the top, other wing, other corner, then comes back around the horn and starts over, shooting for 24 seconds, then the next shooter starts immediately.

Each shooter has to make X shots or run an up and back right after shooting, then become a rebounder-passer for the next shooter. Targets for good shooters could be 7-8 makes for mid-range shots, 3-4 makes for 3s.

See Shooting - Duke around the horn, also Noah Basketball (rapid fire).

Here 1 runs an up and back as the next shooter 2 starts. 3 will be rebounding and passing both balls until 1 gets back.

2 shoots for 24 seconds, then 3 goes, start over or move out for the next round.

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