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Raptors 5-out

Coach Al

The original YouTube video is now private, but see Toronto Raptors 5-out offence, a newer video.

The Raptors offensive pillars are

1. Get to the foul line (get fouled in the paint on post-ups or drives, or at the 3-point line).
2. Swing the ball (don't hold the ball for more than one second).
3. Assisted baskets.

1 dribbles upcourt, passes to 5 at the top of the key, 3 backscreens for 1, who cuts to the rim, looks for the ball, then exits to the corner.

See Offence - Severns 21 (Down).
- 3 can slip the screen in front of his defender (who trails)
- 3 ghosts (fakes) the screen and comes to get a handoff from 5
- 3 screens then cuts to the basket.
Toronto Raptors 5-out motion offence - 1 passes to 5 and screens down for 3.
NBA's most-used play - the 21 play is a pin-down into a hand-off (zoom action). 1 makes a centre pass, 5 can come back to the same side or take it to the other side.
- use 5 as a facilitator on the perimeter (need a skilled player)
- basket cuts are especially effective with 5 at the top of the key and the paint wide open
- split action is common, pass to 5 and screen down (often rejected)
- zoom action is also very common, split action but the bottom player comes up for a DHO
- stagger away is another action, 5 reverses the ball and sets a double screen (see Fast breaks - Away)
- 5 can post up then lift up to initiate 5-out
- it's harder to offensive rebound and draw fouls from the perimeter.

5 makes a dribble hand-off to 3 then rolls, 3 looks for 5 or to attack the rim or shoot, 1 spaces up.
21 play - 5 can flip it into a ballscreen after the dribble hand-off.
5-out Revolution - spacing in 5-out can become unbalanced, which leads to one of the most important parts of 5-out, the empty ballscreen, i.e. go into a ballscreen when the ballside corner is empty. Split action can set up an empty ballscreen (here 1 would cut to the basket then clear weakside for a 5-3 ballscreen).
For empty corners, see Offences - 5-out dribble attack continuity, Princeton Point series.

If not, 5 spaces to the corner, 1 spaces up, 4 downscreens for 2, who curls the screen to the rim.
21 play - 2 comes off the pin-down into a dribble hand-off. If 2 curls or backcuts, screener 4 gets the hand-off. The screener can backcut (or slip) instead of screening. The player who does not get the hand-off goes out to the corner.

2 clears to the corner if not open, 3 makes a DHO to 4 and rolls, 4 looks for 3 or to shoot.

The pattern continues, 2 spaces up, 3 clears, 1 downscreens for 5, who curls it.

5 clears to the corner, 4 makes a dribble hand-off to 1 and rolls.

Here 1 drives and kicks to 3.

Swing the ball to 5 filling the top.
Raptors 5-out offence - 3 makes the extra pass, have the defence scramble.

Into the offence, 4 downscreens for 1, then into a 5-4 dribble hand-off.up

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