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Rana closeouts

Roy Rana
FIBA (YouTube)

See YouTube - Rana closeout defence.

Guarding the 3-point line has become the biggest challenge, probably the most important way is just limit the number of 3s.

Really good defences are not about getting stops, you want to dictate the types of shots the offence takes, e.g. challenged mid-range shots. Most defences today are about shrinking the floor, defending (draining) the shot clock. Being good in help has to be a given now, the challenge is to be good in recovery.

Close out with two hands up, limit penetrating passes into the paint. On a short closeout, contain penetration, make the offensive player think they are being attacked. On a contest, you have to leave your feet, contest in the air. Rear-view contest if you get beat, stay in the play, try to affect the shot. Have to be second off the floor, stay down on a shot fake.

1 on 1


Attackers 1-2-3, defenders are about 5 feet away, one at a time throw a ball, close out and contest in the air, attackers have to shoot a 3 (can be a stepback or slide 3).


- defenders back up, one foot in the paint
- defenders back up to the blocks and top of the charge circle.

The spot-up 3 is the best shot in the game, a slide 3 is lower percentage.


Shooters are out top and in the corners, defenders are on the charge circle and lane lines.

Progression - guard two dribbles, no 3.

Rana is not worried about a box-out in the corner, the shooter should not offensive rebound, Rana would have him recover through the elbow, a rebound may land there.


Defender X1 starts under the rim, facing coach, makes a hip turn (crossover step), closes out on a pass to 1 or 2, don't allow a 3-point shot.

Progression - two dribbles.

On a long closeout, jump and fly by, run him off his shooting shoulder.up

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