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See YouTube video - 76ers defensive principles.

Their defensive principles are no paint, no layups, no 3s. They never want the ball to go in the paint. They call their post front "white", they are not going to the let the offence throw the ball into the post, then play behind.

The drill is simple - white the post, pressure the passer, weakside help.

Coach passes to 3, X3 closes out, no middle, left foot up, left hand up, right hand out, makes 3 feel him. X1 gets to the nail.

X5 goes white, gets around 5 from the high side, sits on his legs, hands up (bump him, he doesn't like that).

When X5 calls "white", X4 comes to help, X3 pressures the ball. It's great if other defenders talk, but X5's call is the most important.

White only from the high side, they want a pass over the defence, bottom weakside help is in position every time, X4 should get a steal. The baseline is a defender if the post does get a pass.

If you try to white from the low side, it's an easy pass and layup, or the post can pass-pass-pass from the middle.

Repeat on the other side.

They want 1 to drive baseline in white, if X4 can help it's great, X5 is already in position to help X4.

If 4 pops up towards the elbow, it's still X5's responsibility to come over, to help on the drive.up

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