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4-corner closeouts


A closeout drill widely used in the NBA, see Defending - Fratello 4-player closeouts.

Four defender slide in for a "2.9 tag" (denoting how long they can stay in the lane) then close out on coaches (then four new defenders will take their place).

Steve Kerr (pdf)

- jump to one-hand contest
- guard a drive then contest pull-up jumper
- stay down on a shot fake
- fly by then come back to try to block a shot from behind.

Tom Thibodeau

- closeout (high hands, butt down)
- closeout and defend a drive to attacker's left
- fly at a great 3-point shooter (shot fake), get back in the play to rear-view contest a pull-up.

Steve Clifford

Sprint 2/3 then start to breakdown, no middle but you're squared, up on his top leg, both hands up, finish to appropriate cushion (your quickness, his quickness and strengths). Drill order

- shot fake
- jab (defender hops back with both feet)
- rip baseline (don't get beat on the first dribble)
- fake rip baseline to drive middle (don't open up too much, the angle you're allowing should be to the top of the key).

NBA is about shot fakes, before and after the dribble. Cushion is everything - too much will get you get beat with 3s (never more than an arm's length), too little will get you blown by. Sometimes you're going to be late, can't overrun it, you're in contain mode at this point.up

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