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1 on 1 with passers


On each pass to 2 and 3, defender X1 on 1 must jump to the ball (a position to help on dribble penetration by the wing yet recover on a pass back to his check). X1 closes out on each pass to 1.

In a pack defence, X1 jumps to a gap position at an elbow (shown).
See Defending - 3 on 1 shell.


On coach's signal, 1 passes and tries to cut to the basket for a give and go. X1 must jump to the ball, make the cutter go behind him, and deny the pass (open or closed to the ball).
John Calipari - 1-2 and 2-1 passes, 1-3 and 3-1 passes then live, X1 tries to deflect 1's passes. Lunge and keep your hands up. (It's live when 1 gets the ball, X1 closes out)
Greg Kampe - 1 passes to 2 or 3, it's live on a return pass. X1 has a tennis ball in each hand (no fouling).

See 1 on 1 - Ganon Baker give and go, Defending - Dick Bennett jump to the ball, Nash jump to the ball, Blackhawk.

Island closeouts - 3 vacates the weakside wing, 1 clears weakside from the post, 2 makes a skip pass to 1, X1 closes out (from a help position).


- live 1 on 1
- have 1 shoot, X1 hits and gets the ball
- X1 must make a stop to rotate out.
(Option - 3 fills the top, 2 can skip or swing the ball to 1, shell drill and/or live)

See Defending - Miami 3-point, Pitt close-out 1 on 1, Tactics - 2 on 0 side.

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