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See Defence - Dave Smart weak-hand.

Dead front the post on the offensive left side. Front to help on a baseline drive (X3 is forcing left), 3 is usually a rightie. Also, if 5 gets the ball in there, he can pass back out with strong right hand, protecting the ball with his left shoulder.

On the other side of the floor, with a rightie in the corner X5 will 3/4 from the high side, never give up a layup, X2 takes away a pass on the low side.

If 2 is a leftie, X2 is forcing right, not squaring, X5 fronts the post if 2 is the better player. If 5 is the better player, front if he is the better passer, 3/4 if he is the better rebounder. You always have the option to front on both sides if 5 can really pass it out of the post, e.g. if they run their offence through him.

If 5 gets the ball in there, most of the time X5 is not forcing baseline, so 5 has to pass out with his left hand, protecting it with his right shoulder (if he passes with his right he's not protecting it at all).

Once the ball is in the post, X5's calls are "dead", "weak" (normal) and "double" (sometimes they call the opposite, e.g. dead means double).

They don't double from the baseline because 5 would be turning and passing with his right hand. They double from the top, from an area or a person. They tend to double from a person, they get to decide who's doubling, and from different angles.

They don't want to double, ideally it's a situation where you're digging and he picks it up. If 5 starts making a move to his right, X5 cuts it off, knowing they're coming with a double from the top.

If the ball goes into the post on the other side, X5 squares him up, depending on how good he is, if it's early we just get it out of his hands, if it's normal, as soon as he gets a foot in the key, X2 jumps, the bigger he is the later he can help, the smaller he is the earlier.
(X5 takes away middle, forces left)

It's a drop by X1, he has basket, X4 and X3 have three attackers (1-4-3).

X4 takes a pass to 1 (if X1 takes it, 2 is going to make a layup), X1 has 2, X3 has 4.

If X5 calls help he gets out on 3, if he calls stay, he stays and X2 gets out.

If X2 calls help, X5 gets out (on 3), if he calls stay, X2 gets out (if he's a little). If he's a big, call help, let X5 get out.
See Defence - Forcing-left pack.up

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