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3-2 Gamecocks

Brad Underwood

See YouTube video - Gamecock 3-2 zone.

South Carolina uses the 3-2 to change tempo, and if a team is not a good 3-point shooting team. It forces two-guard fronts.

They usually put some length in the middle (X3) and play it two ways, it can look like a 1-2-2, or flatten it out so it is a true 3-2 zone.

Since most teams are right-handed, X2 is on the defensive right for rebounding, X1 on the left. X5 and X4 are on the blocks.

On a pass to 2, they want tremendous ball pressure.

The rule for X3 is that any time the ball is on or above the foul-line extended, he is on a direct line between the ball and the basket.

X5 slides out a little bit, X4 shades to the rim from weakside.

On a pass to the corner, X5 comes out on the ball, no baseline drive.

X4 comes and plays dead behind the post on the low side, trying to knock him off the block a little bit.

X1 drops to a mid-post [plug] position.

They don't drop X3 in front of the post, when the ball gets below the foul-line extended he stays in the middle of the foul line [the nail], looking for any skip pass or pass out top.

X2 has to get as low as the lowest attacker when the ball is foul-line extended or below, and get inside any post player, or at least on top.

If there is a post entry, X5 and X1 dig down to help, try to get the ball out of the post. They don't discourage it from going in there.

Any time the ball is reversed and gets back out, X1-X3-X2 take anything in their third of the floor.

X3 takes anything in the middle third, the wings take passes to outside thirds.

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