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2-2-1 John Kimble


Wings X1 and X2 set up near the elbows so they can fan dribblers down the sidelines. They are normally halfway behind and halfway inside the first attacker in their areas.

Trappers X4 and X5 are near the sidelines at midcourt, and use ball-you-man (in your area) flat triangle positioning.

Safety X5 is near the bottom of the centre circle.

The side of the court where the ball is being inbounded is the tight side, the other side is the wide side.

Option - the wings face guard to deny the inbounds pass, the trappers cheat up slightly to form longer flat triangles.


Out stunt

X1 pressures the ballhandler by fanning the ball down the sideline, looking for a trap with X3 who is rotating up. X3 will bluff and retreat to cover the sideline then come up to trap. X2 drops quickly to ball level in the middle. Safety X5 shoots the gap between the dribbler and O3, left open as X3 rotates up. Wide trapper X4 rotates back to become the new basket protector.

If the ball gets out of the trap by pass or dribble, X1 and X3 sprint out of the trap and try to get the new ball level.

If the attackers beat the trap and advance the ball into the front court, all defenders retreat instantly into the halfcourt defence.


In stunt

X1 fans the dribbler down the sideline then sprints ahead and turns the dribbler into the middle and a trap with wide wing X2. X3 still bluffs and retreats, but must stay or retreat to cover the sideline. X5 remains as safety, and X4 covers short middle.

(See basketcoach.com for a similar approach.)


Match stunt

Some teams will constantly pass the ball back to a safety valve rather than be forced into speed dribbling up the sideline. With the match stunt, after a pre-determined number of reversal passes, all defenders match up with closest attackers and then guard man to man until the halfcourt defence is needed.

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