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1-2-1-1 Kentucky

Tubby Smith

See Defences - Kentucky fullcourt, Kentucky ball-line.

a) White - 1-2-1-1 match-up

This is a zone with man-to-man principles, guard someone who comes into your zone. Used when Kentucky scores from inside the arc (or on a dead ball), so X4 is close enough to get into position. X2 and X3 are on the foul-line extended, they back up until they find an attacker left and right of the ball, respectively (keep everybody in front of you). X1 mirrors the ball (he will go sideline to sideline), matches up with an attacker on that side, takes away a direct pass up the sideline. If X5 is quick he can be allowed to move up, usually he just protects deep.

X4 forces the inbounds pass away from the middle, then gets back to ball level, and X2 can back up. X3 pressures the ball, forces 1 to dribble, don't worry about getting beat, turn him. Trap if 1 gets out of control.

Option - X4 and X3 try to trap the inbounds pass right away, then take away a pass to the middle, sideline, and protect deep.

On a dead ball they may call Black deny (see below) or 55 shortstop or centerfield.

Once the ball gets across halfcourt, drop back into man-to-man defence.

With the ball on the side, four defenders form a box.

When 2 comes into his area, X1 releases and comes up on him, X2 backs up and matches up with the next guy, 5.

On ball reversal to 4, get into a diamond, almost a 1-2-1-1 set. Pressure the ball, X4 does not guide 4 one way or the other, play him head up, make him put it on the floor, get him out of control, make him turn his back. X2 does not come up to trap unless 4 is out of control.

Here X3 traps when 4 turns his back. X2 takes away sideline, X5 protects deep, X1 rotates up anticipating a pass to 1, he reads 4's shoulders.

If 4 passes out of the trap to 1, X1 takes the ball, X3 sprints out and takes open man 2.

Against a 1-4 press break, use three defenders to guard four attackers (X3 and X2 are each between two attackers), keep X5 back. X3 takes away a direct sideline pass. Switch on screens.

The only pass they are really allowing is a diagonal cross-court pass that X5 should be able to pick off.

After the inbounds pass, defenders are in a box.

On ball reversal, X1 mirrors the ball, cuts off a pass up the sideline.

X2 can't anticipate a pass to 3, he guards 5 and 3, can't give up a penetrating pass to the middle.

If 2 skip passes to 3, X2 takes it, everybody sprints back to ball line, looking to match up.

Defenders are again in a box.

On a pass up the sideline, get to the ball line, match up with someone in your area.

b) Black - 2-2-1 match-up

Used after a made 3-point shot (or X4 is out of position). X4 bumps X2 back to the second line of a 2-2-1, X1 is ballside, X5 protects deep opposite the ball, everything else is the same. Make the offence catch the ball in front of the defence, force them into an uncontrolled dribble (allow them to trap themselves).

Get in a box on the inbounds pass to 1.

If 1 passes to 4, X4 rotates up to take the ball.

If 3 comes up and gets a pass, X2 takes it, X3 sprints back inside.

Note there is no pass up the sideline to cut off.

Trap 4 off the dribble if he doesn't pass.up

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