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Zone set plays
Schepp double-stack

Kirby Schepp
Basketball Manitoba
See YouTube video - Attacking zone, Zone offence - Schepp.

Screening a 2-3 zone. Set up a double stack, 3 is the best shooter, 4 is the best inside finisher.

2 cuts high to the wing, 3 cuts baseline to the corner, 5 screens the middle of the zone then seals, 4 comes over behind him (don't over-run). Anyone can get an open 3 against a zone, can you get a layup.

1 passes to 2, or directly to 3 in the corner.

2's looks are 4 or 3, on a pass to 3, 2 runs through the foul line, 1 replaces him (not too low).

You will get the corner 3-point shot when you first run it.

If 3 has no play, reverse the ball to 1, 3 runs to the other corner, 1 passes to 2, 5 seals the zone (posts up), 4 cuts high.
See Zone set plays - Auriemma vs 1-2-2.up

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