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Zone offence

Jim Calhoun

Against a 2-3 zone.

Off the secondary break, on a pass to 3, trailer 4 cuts to occupy the centre defender then moves to the short corner, back to the baseline. 3 has to drag X3 up a bit on the catch. At the same time, 5 flashes to an open hole, or comes out to seal X2 defender at the ballside elbow, then tries to seal X1 as X2 moves out on 3 to kick back X3. On a pass to 5 sealing X1, 1 and 2 would kick weakside.

Don't "windshield wipe" when passing around the perimeter, catch, look at the basket, make someone play you, make the zone react.

UConn is a short-corner, foul-line (high post) attack team.

On ball reversal, 5 goes hard to an open hole trying to post (get his butt on a defender), then steps out to the short corner if well defended. 4 fills middle, 3 gets into vision.

Don't slide with the zone, beat it on the pass, or wait and see where the holes are.

Cardinal rule - stay away from the zone on the weakside, space wide.

If you rely on 3-point shots, you don't get to the line.

All penetration ends with a jump stop. Every zone can be penetrated if players catch in a ready position, gun loaded, to show shot, show shot and drive, or shoot.

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