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Zone offence
Kermit Davis zone motion

Kermit Davis

They run zone motion against nearly all zone defences, with different set entries to maybe tilt the zone with a two-guard (attacking) front against a one-man (zone) front, but basically end up in the same system.

4 and 5 are mid-post, straddling the first lane markers (North American lane), 2 and 3 are low enough that a bottom defender has to guard them on an initial pass or at least on ball reversal. Attack the short corner (10-12 feet along the baseline), it's a great angle to step-through and score, and also gives great opportunities to screen the zone from there.

On a pass to 2, opposite post 4 sprints to the ballside short corner, heels to the baseline.
coachesclipboard.ca - 4 should cut to the high post if the top defender goes out on 2, or go to the short corner if the bottom defender goes out. Attack the area where the defender came from.

On a pass back to 1, 5 steps in hard looking for the ball.

On ball reversal to 3, the continuity takes place, 5 sprints short corner, 4 comes hard to the mid-post.
(Variation - 5 cuts to the high post if the top defender goes out on 3, or to the short corner if the bottom defender goes out. The mid-post player makes this read every time the ball is reversed.)

One skip deserves another - if you skip the ball, you know you are going to get it back. Instead of calling a set play, it's an automatic screen-in.

On a skip pass to 2, 4 crosses the lane looking to go to the short corner, 3 slides to the weakside corner expecting a return skip pass, 5 screens in, 2 takes one dribble up to improve the passing angle, 3 catches behind 5's back. If the defender tries to get around 5, he reverse pivots and posts to keep the defender on his back.

If 3 is low enough that the bottom defender has to guard him, he drags the defender up on the dribble, looking to pass to 5, who will attack the basket with a step-through move, butt to the zone defender, then crab dribble. 4 dives across to the opposite block for rebounding and for a pass. Make one zone defender guard both the short corner and the mid-post.

Short corner touch

Another rule is if the ball comes back out of the short corner and is reversed, 5 screens in, 3 slides to the corner, 2 takes one dribble and skips it to 3.

If 3 dribbles out of the corner, 5 goes back to the short corner, 4 comes across mid-post.

Tilting the zone attack

a) On a pass from the wing to low post 4, 5 goes hard across the baseline (looking for a bounce pass) to the opposite block, 3 and 2 go to the corners (3 fills the area that 5 vacated), 1 goes opposite to the guard spot.

b) On a pass from 3 to 1, 4 steps right across a defender's face, then the action is the same on a pass from 1 to 4.

If 4 passes to 2 or 3, he goes to the open post for rebounding position.

c) If 2 dribbles out of the corner, 5 steps hard to the short corner, 4 comes across to the mid-post area.

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