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Zone offence

Hoop Tactics

1 passes to 2 and goes opposite. 5 cuts to the basket, posts up, then goes to the short corner. 4 flashes into the middle.

If 1 passes to 3, 4 steps out to the short corner.
Hubie Brown 1-4 zone offence - use a 1-4 entry set. Also see Zone offence - Memphis X, and Offence - High-low for a 4-out 1-in entry set.

If there is no pass to 5 or 4 inside, 4 steps out for a pass, reverses the ball to 1 and cuts to the ballside short corner, 5 cuts to the high post, 1 passes to 3 and goes opposite.
Hubie Brown - 1 stays if 5 goes to the dots, or moves across weakside if 5 comes up high.

The pattern continues with 5 stepping out to reverse the ball.

On a pass to the short corner, the high post basket cuts through to the weakside block or short corner. 5 looks to hit 4, skip pass to 1 then flash to the middle (shown), shoot, or make a quick return pass to 2 (who does not basket cut on the pass to 5).
Hubie Brown - 4 dives on a pass to 5, 1 replaces 4, 3 replaces 1.

If 5 passes back to 2, 1 and 3 move towards the ball for reversal. If 2 or 1 pass to 3, 5 flashes into the middle.

If 2 passes to 4 in the high post, 5 cuts inside the lane, perimeter players spot up in line of sight, looking for a quick inside-out shot.
Hubie Brown - 5 ducks in or crosses the lane and 2 backcuts.

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