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Kris Treat 4-minute war

Kris Treat - Rebounding

a) 4-minute war - offence

Arrange the players in groups of 3, by size. Three players start in the key, a coach or player shoots from the perimeter, the three players compete for the rebound, even on a made shot. The rebounder tries to score, the other two players try to prevent him from scoring without trying to foul. The ball does not return to the perimeter until somebody scores. Players get 1 point for every rebound and 1 point for any made basket. Go non-stop for 4 minutes.

b) 4-minute war - defence

Now the object is to rebound and outlet the ball without deflection. Whoever rebounds the shot should pivot away from the other two players, who step up and try to jam him, the rebounder should outlet the ball to the shooter. Players get 1 point for every rebound and 1 point for every outlet pass that is made without any deflection. The rebounder may use no more than two escape dribbles to create separation from his opponents.

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