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Bill Pangos

Four teams of three players each, three balls, transition from attack to defence then off, team O attacks team X, the two other teams are on the baselines, each with a ball.
coachesclipboard.ca - 3 on 3 on 3 on 3 - teams 3 and 4 have one player on their baseline with a ball and players at each outlet position, circle cut for a pass and don't leave early.

On a stop or score, team 3 attacks team O, team X leaves to the baseline. On the next stop or score, team 4 will attack team 3.

(Variation - team 3 attacks team O on a stop and team X on a score, defenders must make a stop to get off)
Kennedy Kereama - one shot only, team 3 busts out of offence, the ball must be passed in by the player in the middle. On a shot, get somebody back as safety, you might get a long rebounder (who picks up the ball) and send one player to the offensive glass. In transition defence you must pick up the ball and have a safety. See YouTube video - Transition offence and defence.
See Transition - Continuous 3 on 3 (one ball).up

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