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4 on 3 outlet (no teams)


No teams, 14 players or more. O1, O2, O3 and O4 attack O7, O8 and O9. Attackers can't dribble in the front court. On a stop or score, the defenders outlet to X1 or X2 and attack 4 on 3 against X3, X4 and X5. The outlet player who did not get the outlet pass comes on to defend the next attack, along with two of the original attackers, and the other two original attackers go to the outlet positions.

Here X2 got the outlet pass, X1 comes on to defend the next attack, O1 and O2 stay on to defend, and O3 and O4 go off to the outlet positions.

Variation - allow limited or unlimited dribbling in the frontcourt.

With 12 players there is one sideline player, who gets the outlet pass, and is replaced by an attacker.
See Scrimmage - 4 on 3 zone.

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