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4 on 3 continuous


Emphasis on transition to attack and to defence. Minimum 8 players. Start with 4 on 3, remaining players are at outlet positions. Attackers can't dribble in their frontcourt.

Bill Pangos - no dribble restrictions.

On a stop or score, the three defenders pass to the ballside outlet player and together attack the other basket. The shooter drops out and fills the vacated outlet position, creating a new 4 on 3.

Other variations

- both outlet players attack, the outlet passer leaves to an outlet position
- outlet players are behind the baselines
- only one outlet position at each end
- no outlet pass required, but the outlet player(s) can't leave until the attacking team gets possession
- inbounds pass after a make
- 5 on 4 or 3 on 2 continuous
- 5 on 3 continuous (both outlets come in, shooter and last passer drop out)
- teams (the shooter goes to the other end)
- any attacker can drop out, not necessarily the shooter.
Kevin O'Neill - 5 on 4 continuous, the shooter steps off on a defensive rebound, a player steps on for the team going the other way. For 5 on 3 continuous, the shooter and passer go off, two attackers come in.

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