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Beginners offence


On coach's signal, five players fill 5 out of the 8 positions on the floor, then move to new spots when coach says change. The spots are top, wings, swings, and corners.


- one player dribbles to the top or a swing spot, the other players go to open spots
- don't fill 3 spots on the right or 3 on the left (for balance)
- the ballhandler passes and all players without the ball must move to a new spot after a 3-count.

Now the player who passes cuts to the basket. everyone finds a new spot, the receiver looks at the rim first then left and right.

Progression - on a shot, any player above the foul line extended gets back on defence, the other players go for a rebound.

Mike MacKay

- use areas on the floor, not cones
- to start, a coach or player under the basket passes to any player, and can be a guided defender
- a ballhandler drives, the other players move on penetration
- a ballhandler passes, cuts and posts up, get the ball inside, other players move on a post-entry pass
- without a permanent post, the post player exit cuts when a new cutter goes to the rim.

See Tactics - 5-out youth drive and kick, 4-out 1-in drive and kick.

(Variation - for 4-out motion, use only four spots, and four players)

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