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Avoiding screens



Attacker 1 passes to coach, then for 24 seconds uses screens set by 2 and 3, who stay on their sides of the floor. 1 must read defender X1 and make appropriate cuts, e.g., fade if X1 goes ballside on a backscreen, curl if X1 rides him weakside off the screen.

(Variation - 2 and 3 can set double or staggered screens.)
Dick Bennett - X1 chases O1, although he can go ballside from the weakside. In a game X1 would not help on the ball because he is being screened. The defender of the screener would help X1 in any way he can, e.g., in the direction the cutter is going off a backscreen. The attacking team won't look quickly to the screener, the cutter is the problem.


Coach can pass anytime to 1, who squares up to the basket then passes back.

After 24 seconds, coach yells "clear", 2 and 3 go off, coach passes to 1 who plays to a stop or score against X1.

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