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5star pick and roll

Scott Adubato
As a point guard starting the offence, keep your dribble alive, in the middle of the floor, keep your defender on his heels by pushing and pulling back (if you're not quick enough, use a back-down dribble to keep him off, shorten the angle to deliver a pass - reverse dribble). Shorten an entry pass just enough that you can pass to an outside hand, but not too close, there's no spacing. If he's not open, push him through ("go backdoor"), or pull it back, crossover, go to the other side of the floor. Wings should pop out when the ball hits the hash mark.
For the pick and roll, the point guard wants to get the ball to the sideline "socket", foul-line extended, as the big sees this he steps to set a screen parallel to the sideline. If you are being pressured up top, first takes two dribbles to the middle, then back him down to the right wing using your hip and a right-hand control dribble (if you want to go one way, first take your defender the other way). Get the ball to the level of the screen but not below it, or they can keep you there. Adubato simply switches hands on the wing (reverse dribble) to get the ball to his left hand, some players in the video use a crossover dribble on the wing.

With the defender on your hip, lower your shoulder, get low, take the ball low and hard off the screen, use two dribbles to get off the screen, the first look is to turn the corner for a layup.


b) Jump shot - coming off the screen with two dribbles opens the angles and spacing for a shot or bounce pass to the roller, and it's harder for your defender to recover.

c) Pass to the roller (shown) - if the big defender shows, the screener rolls, bounce pass to the roller after the second bounce.

Go 2 on 2 in practice, rotate offence to defence.

d) The screener steps back for a pass if he reads that the defence is helping on the drive (going under the screen and sloughing off), the dribbler uses a pullback on his second bounce to create a better passing angle.

e) Split - while the defence is trying to trap, you know the big is going to jump out, crossover and push the ball out in front, off the big's right knee.

f) Force baseline (ice) - your defender takes you away from the screen so you can't use it, use a pullback dribble to create space, if he stays, crossover baseline, take two dribbles for a shot or bounce pass; if he comes with you, spin dribble baseline.

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