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4 on 0 basket cuts

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1 passes to 2, basket cuts and clears weakside, 4 and 3 fill behind.

On ball reversal to 1, 3 basket cuts, 4 and 2 fill behind.


- basket cut after passing from any position
- fill through a read spot, pop out
- backcut on a pass fake
- downscreen on a slot-to-slot pass (see Tactics - 4 on 0 downscreens).

Option - pass fake to the cutter, hit the fill guy (John Tauer - in a game, look at the cutter, if he's open first pass fake to the fill guy, if he's not open, pass fake to him, hit the fill guy).

Andy Sparks - coach has the ball, replaces a player and plays in a slot, then on a wing, players one pass from coach basket cut on eye contact [or on a pass fake].


- basket cut on a guard-wing pass
- wings drag the arc to the baseline, blast cut to the ball
- make 4-6 passes before scoring a layup
- coach is a guided on-ball defender, passers face cut if coach doesn't jump to the ball, backcut if he does
- coach randomly denies passes, backcut on denial, fill open spots
- weakside downscreen (or exchange) on a guard-guard pass
- add a low post, rules are the same except don't cut in front of a ballside post.

See Offence - 4-out 1-in motion summary, 5-out youth motion.

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