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3 on 0 cutting

3 players pass and cut - basket cut, back cut, replacement cut, V-cut, L-cut, blast cut. Catch every pass and face up in triple threat, finish every cut at the 3-point line, and each player should fill 1 out of 5 spots - the point, the wings, and the corners. Also work on ball reversal, including skip passes. Make at least 4-6 passes before shooting.

Ganon Baker - self replace from the wing; for conditioning, make 10-12 passes before shooting.


- dribble penetrate, kick-out pass
- add one or more guided defenders who can deny passes (cut backdoor), or guard a passer and jump to the ball on a pass (backdoor) or not jump to the ball (give and go)
- 3 on 3 halfcourt, no dribbles (backcut to avoid pressure)
- 3 on 3 with dribbling but no pressure on the ball.

See 4-out, 1-in motion tactics.


Variation (Patrick Hunt)

2 sees the ball, finishes his cut at the rim and drop steps to decide on posting up or cutting to open space

Rick Majerus - take all cuts to the rim and finish outside the 3-point line (except cut and replace), use this when lost in motion.

1 starts to relocate by cutting to the elbow, can then decide what to do.

Here 2 cuts to the rim and opens up, 1 pops for a reversal pass and high-low relay into 2 (who would be fronted in a game).

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