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3-out 2-in drive and kick

See Tactics - 4-out 1-in drive and kick.

1) Baseline drive from the wing

Angie McLeod - 4 moves up the side of the lane ("i cut") for a pass option (2 would flare to the corner for a return pass), 1 fills the vacated wing position ("dot the i"), 3 drifts baseline, the 5 gut cuts to the middle. If a wing drives baseline with a teammate in the ballside corner, one option is a dribble hand-off

Ian MacKinnon - 4 spaces up the foul lane to midpost, 1 fills behind 2. If 2 is a small player, 3 drifts deep baseline and 5 goes to the dots; if 2 is a large player who can throw over the top, 3 spaces to 45 degrees and 5 seals as the baseline option.

Dave Smart - 3 moves towards the baseline or out to a 45 degree angle.

Winning Hoops - 4 steps up the lane line (i-cut) toward the elbow, 5 steps to the dotted line (cross-step and hop), 1 follows the ball, 3 moves to the flare spot above the opposite elbow or slides to the corner.

Scott Clark (SFU) - baseline drive, baseline drift (by 3); and leave a spot, fill a spot (by 1). The ballside post steps out opposite the drive, the weakside post goes to the dots.

Dirk Bauermann (FIBA Assist issue 10) - baseline drive, baseline drift by the weakside wing, 4 pulls up to the elbow.

Quin Snyder (FIBA Assist issue 11) - 1 circles behind 2 if his defender helps down on 2. 3 flattens to the corner if his defender helps on 1 by cutting to the zone.

Patrick Hunt - on penetration fill two out of four receiver spots (edges of the backboard and inside the elbows), have a safety cover the point and a 3-point threat in vision opposite the ball. Here 5 would fill the bottom weakside spot, if 4 is a shooter he can i-cut behind the drive and 1 would fill the ballside top spot, otherwise 4 goes to the dotted circle. 3 works in space to stay in the eyes of 2.

2) Middle drive from the wing

MacKinnon - 4 moves out to the short corner, 5 seals on the block, 1 spaces weakside, 3 spots up.

Smart - 1 moves to the weakside wing.

Fabrizio Frates (FIBA Assist issue 12) - 1 moves to the weakside wing, 4 goes to the short corner.

Clark - rotate in behind - 1 fills behind 2, 3 also rotates or can drift out. The weakside post steps off the lane, so does the ballside post (step out opposite the drive).

Winning Hoops - 4 and 5 step in slightly or pop to the short corners, 1 and 3 slide along the perimeter.

Hunt - 1 fills behind 2, 3 works in space, 4 and 5 fill the bottom receiver spots, or 4 can go to the short corner if a shooter.

Snyder - If 1's defender helps down on 2, 1 circles behind 2, otherwise 1 fades away (weakside). 3 will fade, cut backdoor, or circle behind 2 (if his defender helps down).

3) Drive from the top

Hunt - shown.

Lawrence Frank - 4 and 5 get their heels to the baseline in an open gap.

Alison McNeill - flatten out to the baseline if the point guard is penetrating, then look to i-cut or backcut off the penetration.

Snyder - if his defender helps on 1, 2 fades away, circles behind 1, or cuts backdoor.

Vincente Rodriguez (FIBA Assist) - 2 on the same side as 1's drive runs towards the baseline to create space for 1, 4 and 5 drop to the baseline, 3 starts to run towards the baseline until 1 decides on which side he will go, then runs to the top of the key to create proper space and be a safety man. Follow the drives on the weakside, making it possible for one more pass option.

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