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Putback 21

Ian MacKinnon

One team at each basket with one ball. 1 on team O shoots a free throw worth two points, then follows a make or a miss to get the ball before it hits the floor in order to make a putback worth one point. 1 then passes to 2 who will take the next free throw and attempt a putback. First team to 21 points wins.

Kevin Bellamy - shoot from behind the 3-point line.

Variation - Pairs shooting

1 shoots from behind the arc, gets two points for a make, and keeps shooting, from a different spot.

On a miss, 2 can rebound the ball in the air and shoot before touching the floor, and can rebound his own miss and shoot again while in the air. If 2 scores on his first or second tip, he gets one point and shoots a free throw, if he makes that he becomes the next shooter (there are no points for the made free throw), if he misses the free throw 1 is still the shooter.

Play to 21 points.

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