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Post feed and relocate


2 passes to low-post 5, then relocates to the corner for a return pass and shot. Change the post player every so often.


- 2 makes a Laker cut, i.e., one step towards the baseline then cuts to the middle (2 would go opposite his defender's head turn in a game)
- 2 cuts baseline for a drop pass and reverse layup on the other side of the rim
- 2 screens away for a point guard to get open
- 5 passes to a weakside wing.


Here when the ball goes into low post 5, 2 upscreens for 1, who can curl off the screen to the middle or flare to the wing. 2 goes opposite, popping back out or opening to the middle.

High post 4 dives to the weakside block, opening up space in the middle, and looking to get a relay pass from the weakside wing.

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