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Mike Procopio post-perimeter

Mike Procopio

Game shots for post and perimeter players.

1) Pin-down, post-up

One line of post players, one line of perimeter players, 7 and 8 are permanent passers [or use coaches].

3 passes to 7, post 5 dribbles down to the wing, passes to 8, and pins down for 3, who takes one step then comes off the screen to the elbow area for a pass from 8 and a shot.

5 sprints to the other block for a pass from 7 and goes over either shoulder with a no-dribble jump shot or jump hook.

3 and 5 rebound and go back to their lines, 2 and 4 go next.

2) Post-up, Laker cut

Post players are on the baseline.

5 passes to passer 7, 2 dribbles down to the wing, 5 flashes to the block, 2 fakes a pass (high), steps through with his inside leg (crossover step), passes to 5, cuts though outside the elbow or baseline to the far corner, 5 waits for him to go through then makes a one-dribble hook shot, spin back, or up and under.

7 passes to 2 in the corner for a shot.

3) Backdown dribble

5 passes to 7, 2 passes to 8 and sprints to the wing, 5 catches a return pass from 7 outside the lane, takes two backdown dribbles with his right hand (on this side), looks to the weakside, picks it up with his right hand and passes to 2 (in a game, 5 sees a double down coming).

5 comes up above the elbow after passing to 2.

2 takes a one-dribble pull-up either way.

8 passes to 5, who reverse pivots on his outside (right) foot and rips it through for a one-dribble dunk or left-hand finish.

4) Dribble penetration

a) Baseline

5 passes to 7, 3 dribbles down to the wing, 5 crosses the lane to post above the block as 3 starts to dribble, 3 takes a couple of dead dribbles on the spot, then takes one dribble baseline, 5 relocates to the elbow for a pass (or slips to the basket).

5 shoots as 7 moves inside, 3 comes off 7 for a handoff and shoots or takes a one-dribble pull-up.

b) Middle

5 passes to 7 at the top of the key, 3 dribbles down to the wing, 5 crosses the lane, 3 takes two dead dribbles then drives middle, 5 clears out to the short corner, 3 passes to 5 for a shot, then comes off 7 for a handoff and two-dribble shot.

Progression - 3 passes to 5 then steps behind the arc for a pass and three-point shot.

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