Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Live-ball moves

Players on each wing start from triple threat, make a live-ball move, finish with a shot (e.g., power layup, pullup, hop-back, bully move). Self rebound, switch lines.

Use direct and crossover drives, and triple threat fakes - jab step, sweep (ball fake), shot fake. Add a change of direction on the dribble (spin, crossover, behind the back, through the legs). Other finishing options include
- spin to the rim, floater, reverse layup
- jump stop, step through move
- jump stop, reverse pivot to layup
- fake a spin or crossover, shoot.

- make a putback before the ball bounces on a missed shot
- players pick a ball up from a chair
- spin a self pass
- use cones as defenders (or as ballscreens)
- use coaches as defenders, in airplane stances (arms out)
- teams compete.

See Dave Smart first step and Static pivoting and moves (footwork), Nash game shots, FIBA triple threat, Dave Smart finishing, 5star in the box, Teams (shooting), 5star triple B (dribbling).

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