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Florida 21

Billy Donovan


Two balls, three passers, one rebounder. Shooter 1 cuts to the top of the circle from under the basket for a pass from 4, reverse pivots on his right foot, passes to 2, cuts for a return pass, forward pivots on his (inside) right foot, and can then

- take a layup for 1 point (two dribbles)
- take a shot-fake pull-up for 2 points
- take a 3-point shot for 3 points (shown here).

5 passes the other ball to 4 then rebounds.

Go under the rim after each shot, alternate sides, and you can't take the same shot twice in a row, so 1 cuts up for a pass, reverse pivots on his left foot, passes to 3, cuts for a return pass, forward pivots on his left foot, and takes a layup.

Continue until the shooter scores 21 points. Chart percentages.

Option - a coach defends the shooter, starting behind him.


1 and 5 are competing, 4 and 6 are dedicated defenders. From the top of the other circle, 1 dribbles with his right hand, makes an inside-out crossover move, passes to 2, 4 runs out to the top of the key to play defence, 2 passes back to 1, who must dribble on the return pass, go one on one with the same point system, 5 will attack against 6 next. Alternate sides, play to 11.

Use an inside-out then crossover, behind the back or through the legs.
See Shooting - Florida dribble-pass-shoot (no defenders).

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