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Florida 2-minute 3s

Billy Donovan

Two balls. Wings 2 and 3 run inside the sidelines to the first-marker extended (above the block), ballhandler 1 always dribbles on the right side of the centre circle and can pass to a shooter once he gets into the frontcourt (players need to know who needs to get the ball). 2 shoots a 3-pointer, 3 rebounds, 1 touches the opposite elbow.

The next group starts on 2's shot, see the next diagram.

As next group 4-5-6 do the same thing going away, 1-2-3 are coming back. 3 is the ballhandler, again on the right side of the centre circle. 2 stays on his side, 1 replaces 3, 2 and 1 run outside the court, 3 passes to 1 for a shot (the same player can't shoot twice in a row).

Start with a target of 20 3's in two minutes. If you don't make it, do it again. Once you reach or exceed it, next time add 2 to your makes for the new target.

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