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Eastman Celtic 40

Kevin Eastman

Split the halfcourt in four using the foul line (above and below it) and the midline (to the left and right). Make 10 shots from each quadrant, how many takes were needed in total? Can do this inside and/or outside the arc, the best score for the Celtics is 56 from the NBA 3 and 47 from inside the 3.


a) Make 10 from one spot - how many shots does it take? Get 13 in your head.

b) In a row - what is the highest number of shots you can make in a row?

Billy Donovan - Celtic 50 - make 10 shots from both corners, both wings, and the top, chart it. Use a passer, two rebounders, and three balls for each shooter. Pass to the inside shoulder, the shooter shortens the shot by stepping into it, having their body go forward.
Hoop Tactics - Ten - make 10 shots from each of 5 spots, but the score goes back to zero on two misses in a row. Can be done individually, or with a rebounder (switch the shooter after 10 or 50 makes), or with a rebounder, passer and two balls (move to the next spot when all three players get to 10). Losers do 10 push-ups.
See Shooting - 50.

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