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5star screens

Tony Bergeron

a) Downscreens

2 downscreens on coach (dummy defender) from the wing, cutter 4 must let the screen get set, then step into the defender to stand him up, go by the screen hip to hip, grab the screener's shirt to prevent xcutter from going in between. 4 curls for a pass (defender trails in a game), then fades next time, popping out off his inside foot (defender takes away the curl)

2 is the next shooter, 4 rebounds and is the next passer (he has to hustle).

Can downscreen little-big or big-little in a game.

Option - have two players as passers out top to speed up play on long rebounds.

b) Low-post cross screens

X5 is a dummy defender. 4 makes contact, stays low coming off the screen, shoots with the hand closest to the passer (here the left hand). Rotate defenders from the baseline, the shooter is the next screener

Progression - the defender cheats high, go backdoor (slip underneath), no contact with the defender..

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