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4 on 0 dribble-drive

Ian MacKinnon

4 on 0 dribble-drive shooting at both baskets. Coach has two balls.

1 and 2 sprint from the backcourt, coach passes to 1, attackers 1-2-3-4 make at least three passes before someone shoots.


- 1 makes an inside-out or hesitation primary move
- coach scripts sequences, e.g., kickup, kickup, kickback
- finish with a drop-zone backdoor cut.

Progression - coach can pass to 1 or 2.

See Shooting - Dribble drive, Tactics - Dribble-drive motion.

After a shot, 3 and 4 break the other way for a pass from coach and attack with 5 and 6.

1 and 2 putback any miss, pass the first ball to coach, and go off, 7 and 8 come in to the corners and will attack next, with 5 and 6.

Players come in at the wings (corners), attack as guards, then go off.

Progression - add a post player at one or both baskets, who does not attack the other way after a shot (rotate after each attack with other bigs behind the baseline).

Option - finish with a pass to the post e.g. cleaning up, relocating, or teeing up on a drop-zone backcut.

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